Destinations which a traveler must explore visiting India.

Taj New Photo

The Taj Mahal, Agra

Same Day agra tour by car to see Taj Mahal, It is one amongst the seven wonders of Modern world and it stands as the epitome of eternal love. Taj mahal reminds travellers about the timeless saga of love in between Mumtaj and Shahjahan. It rejuvenates love feelings in between couples. Walls of Taj are preciously craved with subtle sculptures and its interior is perfectly decorated by intricate calligraphy that will let you be bewitched in its beauty. Ninety-nine names of the Almighty Allah are mentioned on all sides of the tomb of Taj.


Incredible India comprises endless attractions as it is world’s seventh-largest country stretching from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari and it offers amazing places for all those who wish to explore India. Visitors find so many unforgettable travel destinations in India and along with that India’s beauty, tradition, culture, history, and legacy will definitely touch inner core of your soul in the most soothing and fulfilling manner. Some of the amazingly enchanting destination that should always be explored by visitors are:


Golden triangle tour with Udaipur is becoming famous now a-days and has made a new entry to the bucket list of the travellers due to it serene beauty, extravagant places and mesmerizing lakes. One can do a lot of activities in Udaipur like, boating, elephant ride, camel ride and many more. It is a kind of place that never disappoints any traveller through its beauty.


Golden triangle tour with Varanasi is a place of divinity. It’s temples, the Ganges river, the puja is so pure and pious that it gives a mental relief to the travellers and leaves a positive impact on him/her. The temples in Varanasi and the Ganges Pooja are a must to visit places in Varanasi. People are attracted towards these beautiful and divine sites that is why Varanasi is always on the bucket list of every traveller.


Golden triangle tour with Amritsar is famous for the Golden temple and is also the main reason of a huge footfall of travellers. Like Varanasi this place also gives a mental relief and leaves a positive impact on the travellers. The Langar served in Golden Temple is a must have when visited to Golden Temple.